The Thing About The Lewis Men

I’ve just got to tell you about the Lewis men.

When tragedy struck my life over a year ago, I looked up from the ashes of my life and saw four men running to my side. I have been deeply blessed by the Lewis men.

In June 2013, I received the greatest gift marrying Jordan. I married the groom of my dreams. Little did I know his three brothers and father would become inseparable pieces of my life, showing me that hope can come from the most hopeless situations.

The thing about the Lewis men is that they are different. They talk differently, they walk differently, and when they smile their eyes crinkle around the corners. When they walk into a room, the atmosphere changes. Women don’t open doors or carry luggage when they are around. Chivalry is not out-of-date with these men.

The Lewis men are standard creators. They are gentle and strong, brave and compassionate. These are the type of men I will want my daughters to marry. They too, fought cancer with bravery and dignity. They did not flinch when their Jordan was sick. No, instead they geared up and fought harder. The Lewis men showed me the true meaning of courage.

Courage can truly be measured by the amount of compassion by which a man lives his life. Beneath the Lewis armor of steel is a soul that can’t be broken. And beneath that is the most virtuous trait of all- a tender heart.

I saw the most courageous men on Christmas morning, praising God with tears streaming down their faces at the announcement of two new baby sisters entering their lives. I saw true courage last year in March- Christian sleeping by Jordan’s bed with one eye open watching his brother sleep. Nathan reading scriptures every night over Jordan, and the first to his side if he even murmured in his sleep. JohnLuke, kissing Jordan’s forehead and sleeping by his side in the ICU that day they told us his days were limited. Ron, never backing down, never losing hope; he lifted his eyes every day to praise God’s faithfulness. Yet these same eyes would see his son live his last days on earth. True courage sheds tears and kisses foreheads.

Now here I am, forever impacted by the man who would make me his bride and show me that Jesus is more faithful than the sunrise. But I don’t stand alone. I was swept up by the Lewis men and now I forever cherish them as pieces of my sweet husband. Ron, Nathan, Christian, and JohnLuke- you will be a part of my heart and life forever.

Jordan Alexander Lewis, you’ve left me the sweetest gifts. Thank you.


Nathan, JohnLuke, Jordan, Ron, Christian


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